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Common Queries

What is Oulipo?

Oulipo is a group first established in the 1960s originally comprised of French writers, but it has now expanded to include international members. Founded by Raymond Queneau, it's modus operandi was based around writing following formal constraints and they came up with a variety of specific techniques which are still used today. Famous Oulipians include George Perec and Italo Calvino.

How do I submit?

Please email all submissions to, with the submissions form filled in and attached - which contains information like name, submission title(s) and contact info.

I don't know any of the Oulipo techniques. Can I still submit work to the magazine?

Of course! We will have an easy-to-understand guide for each technique in every issue and on this website. We will also accept work which follows a formal constraint that isn't strictly an Oulipo technique, with an option to have an explanation for the constraint you have followed included with your work in the issue.

When are new issues released?

We are planning a bi-monthly release, but this may be subject to change.

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